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Faces 1968


7.60 HD 1968 130 min
The fourteen year marriage of upper middle class Angelenos Richard and Maria Forst has long been crumbling. They generally don't talk about their problems, but both are well aware that their marriage is less than happy. So it still comes as a bit of a surprise to Maria when Richard tells her that he wants a divorce, is leaving the house, and not coming back. Where Richard eventually goes is to the apartment of Jeannie Rapp, an escort he has been seeing and with who he may believe he is in love, with the feelings possibly returned. Meanwhile, Maria decides to head out for the evening to a go-go club with three of her married friends, each who is in a different state of happiness within her own marriage. They are picked up by a player named Chet, who they take back to the Forst home for the remainder of the evening to continue the party. This evening will further illuminate to each of Richard and Maria how they feel about their individual lives.
9.0 of 3