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Iron Sky: The Coming Race 2019

Iron Sky: The Coming Race

5.00 HD 2019 93 min
In 2047--in the aftermath of a global nuclear war between the Earth and the despised Moon-Aryans in Iron Sky (2012), and nearly three decades after humankind's victory over the hateful Fourth Reich--the remaining humans find themselves forced to accept an uneasy truce with the space-Nazis. However, in humankind's unlikely last refuge--the ruined swastika lunar base--overpopulation, famine, and limited food resources put in jeopardy the survival of both races, until the feisty daughter of James Washington and Renate Richter, Obi, decides to give humanity a fighting chance. Now, equipped with an indecipherable ancient map, Obi and a motley crew of earthlings embark on a dangerous mission to the centre of the fabled Hollow Earth, to find a source of unlimited power; nevertheless, the Vril, an alien shape-shifting race of reptilians, want it all for themselves. Can there be hope? But, first, is there an escape from the mysterious mirror-realm?
6.6 of 129